Outdoor Living Spaces Renovators in Portland, Oregon

Outdoor living spaces go far beyond just a patio with some deck chairs. In Portland, Oregon, where the weather is mild year-round, residents are increasingly enjoying outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Living Spaces Services Offered in Portland, Oregon

We are proud to offer the following outdoor living spaces renovation services in the Portland, OR metro area.

Dining and Entertainment Spaces

Take the patio furniture up a notch and consider adding a full outdoor dining and entertaining space to the footprint of your home. This can include complex additions like an outdoor bar, or leveling out the ground so you can add furniture.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you enjoy cooking, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living remodeling job on your home. Outdoor kitchens can vary in complexity. Some homeowners decide to add a simple set up, where others go all out with a full kitchen in their outdoor living space. Or, if you are an avid pizza maker, now is the time to add a pizza oven to your house if you are doing an outdoor living space remodel.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular additions to outdoor living spaces. Fire pits can be a standalone project or can be added to a larger outdoor living space remodel.

Sport Courts

If there is an athlete in your family, and your property has the space, adding a sport court to your home is a great way to encourage your family to stay active and spend time together. We build sport courts for our clients to take their backyards to the next level.

Featured Projects

Some photographs of our recently completed outdoor living space projects.

Outdoor Living Spaces

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