Garage Conversions and Remodeling in Portland, Oregon

A garage remodel or renovation – often called a conversion – is one of the most popular upgrades that homeowners want to make. As the majority of people are working from home, more and more spaces are being converted into extra rooms or offices. Whether you are looking to do a full gut renovation or something more minor, we’ve done it all.

Garage/Office Conversion Services Offered in Portland, Oregon

We are proud to offer the following garage/office conversion services in the Portland, OR metro area.

Full Gut Garage/Office Conversion

Do you want a whole new office? If so, we can handle the entire process. From removing old cabinets and working with concrete floors to walking into the office of your dreams. We handle anything and everything in between. If you are working with an architect, we make plans come to life. Or, if you want to design an office by yourself, we can help you with those plans as well.

Sketch and Design elements

You might have always wanted a space for a complete home office, but may have never had the correct tools or space to make it possible. We want to help build the office of your dreams by applying our design tools and methods to build a fully customized space. Our Boss PDX team will work with our clients to gather all the details for your garage/office conversion and create a space that is permit approved and client approved!


There are many permits that need to be completed for a garage/office conversion, into a fully functioning room added to the floor plans of your home. We will help you along this journey of acquiring the correct paperwork and gathering accurate information to pass inspections and more.


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