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Everything I Know About Construction Marketing

My name is Lucas Sommer, and I have spent 20 years doing digital marketing – and now 3 doing construction.

The opportunity here is huge.

If you can do basic digital marketing you can crush sales for your local home service businesses.

I have never seen anything work this well in the digital marketing space.

I went from $0 and no relationships to 1.25m/year growing 100% year over year.

I will give you my playbook – 100% for free.

You will learn how to:

  • Get an awesome website (for cheap)
  • Secure great reviews
  • Have the best before/after photos
  • Get leads for free from Google
  • Dominate your local “Maps” listings
  • Systematically get the exact jobs you want with paid advertising 
  • Automate your pricing and estimates 

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I have spent the last 3 years perfecting the marketing, customer acquisition, and estimating side of this business. My goal is to show you everything I have learned along the way and to help you win. 

Lucas Sommer, Founder and CEO.

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Build a Business, Not a Job

Learn how I was able to get licensed, build customers, and create a brand that people trust. If they trust your brand, you can scale your business.

Create a Great Customer Experience

The pre-sales process is the easiest place to compete and win. Be responsive, be professional and you win every time.

invest in the details and "Build it Once"

Improve your estimates, templates, emails so that you are not repeating work and are always using the best version. 

Improve Your Process Via Automation

Use the right tool for the job (software) to automate your businesses back end so that you can focus on selling and execution.

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