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Let us help you to be proud of the place you call home. We offer a wide variety of services to enhance your home’s beauty and functionality.


Boss PDX is your licensed Portland Oregon General Contractor and Home Construction expert. No job is too big or too small for our trusted staff. Whether it’s building a dream home from scratch or needing assistance with smaller projects, we are here to make your dreams a reality.

Our Services

Let us help you to be proud of the place you call home. We offer a wide variety of services to enhance your home’s beauty and functionality.


Update your exterior by repairing or replacing shingles, siding and trim. Let us help the beauty of your home shine from the outside.


No matter how big or small, we want your home to feel like a welcoming oasis, and like it belongs to you when you step inside.  


Garages need upkeep just like the rest of a home. We refresh garages, including floor epoxy application, siding repair, and more.


As the “heart of the home” kitchens are very personal spaces. We will discuss flow and routine to give you the most functional kitchen.


Whether your bathroom needs a full gut renovation or just minor cosmetic updates, we can assist you in achieving the desired look. 


If you’d like to take advantage of unused outdoor space, deck repairs and renovations can elevate your home to the next level.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are gaining popularity amongst homeowners in the Portland, Oregon area due to their versatility.


Designing a new space can feel overwhelming. Let us help you source the best vendors and make the best decisions for your aesthetic and budget.


Landscape services help beautify your outdoor spaces – walkways, yards, you name it. Tell us about your project and we can make your dreams turn into a reality!

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